Amirkabir Programming League

50,000 tomans per person

Amirkabir Programming League is a competitive programming contest which takes place every year around the end of April.
The purpose of this contest is to find the talented university newcomers and assist them to achieve success in higher stages. (such as the ACM World Finals)
Until 2010 at Sharif University of Technology and in 2011 and 2012 at AmirKabir University of Technology, a contest called “ACM for students” used to take place in order to familiarize the high-school students with ACM contests and universty’s atmosphere.
To make use of that possibility once again and to make the contest more competitive, APL is now organized, hosting contestants from high-school students and university’s freshmen and sophomores.
The contest takes place as every other ACM contest, contestants are placed in a site which is isolated from the outside world to fairly solve the questions posed by the contest’s scientific team using one of the standard programming languages for these type of contests. (That being C/C++, Java and Python)
Contestants compete in teams of two and in two days and are rated by the number of questions they solve and the amount of penalty they have done in order to solve the said questions.
By the ranking, the first to third team are awarded with a price and are acquainted with the our ACM masters who will guide them to achieve success in higher stages.