"Fundamentals of writing a CV" Workshop

Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Ahmadpanah
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Ahmadpanah
Ph.D. Candidate and Lecturer Formal Security Lab., Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology Amirkabir University of Technology

“Fundamentals of writing a CV” Workshop

Held by: AmirKabir’s CEIT’s department’s Students’ Scientific Chapter

Contents and description of the event:

All around the world, many universities and organizations are holding workshops and events, to teach how to write a decent and acceptable CV.

The importance of such events is that students don’t know the concepts and techniques of a professional CV. They are not aware of the impact of a CV on achieving a working or educational position. Students often use others’ CVs as a base to write their CV.

Based on these needs and entering the applying season, we wanted to host this event to explain points on writing a good (even a bad) CV and explain the difference between a CV and a personal website, Github or LinkedIn profile.

In this event, we mainly check and review CEIT’s department students’ CVs, and participants can rewrite their own CVs.

Workshop’s files and resources are available in the link below:



April 15th, Wednesday
9:00 – 13:00


CEIT department’s conference hall

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