Dr. Mohsen Farhadloo’s talk on "Social media analytics, business, public health and public policy"

Dr. Mohsen Farhadloo
Dr. Mohsen Farhadloo
Ph.D. School of Business
University of California, Riverside

Social media analytics, business, public health and public policy

Hosted By: AmirKabir’s CEIT’s department’s Students’ Scientific Chapter

The rapid generation of data in diverse forms and from various sources has important strategic value for individuals, companies and decision-makers. In particular, the social media data and analytics have potential utilities in wide spectrum of disciplines. In this talk, first I will briefly introduce some of the applications of social media analytics in business, healthcare and public policy domains. Then, I will present in detail the findings of my research on studying customer satisfaction from user-generated reviews and propose a Bayesian framework for customer satisfaction. I will conclude my talk with proposing some avenues for future research in the area of social media analytics.