Web development workshop

Mohammad Robati
Mohammad Robati
Two years of experience in web development, B.Cs., Computer Engineering, Amirkabir university of technology

Web development fundamentals

Held by: AmirKabir’s CEIT’s department’s Students’ Scientific Chapter

Contents and description of the course:

In this course, you will know all the aspects of designing a website

Languages used for frontend in this course are HTMLCSS, Javascript also The latest version of Bootstrap framework will be taught.

for backend development NodeJS and Express framework is being used with mongoDB as the database program

Course syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to this Course

Section 2: Introduction to Front End Development

Section 3: Introduction to HTML

Section 4: Intermediate HTML

Section 5: Introduction to CSS

Section 6: Intermediate CSS

Section 7: Bootstrap 3

Section 8: Bootstrap 4

Section 9: Bootstrap 4: Flexbox and Layout

Section 10: Introduction to JavaScript

Section 11: Javascript Basics: Control Flow

Section 12: Javascript Basics: Functions

Section 13: Javascript Basics: Arrays

Section 14: Javascript Basics: Objects

Section 15: DOM Manipulation

Section 16: Advanced DOM Manipulation

Section 17: Color Game Project

Section 18: Intro to jQuery

Section 19: Advanced jQuery

Section 20: Todo List Projects


Saturday, Monday
9:00 – 13:00


CEIT department, Amirkabir University of Technology

Participate fee


Web development Fundamentals

  • Ceit students: 80,000
  • AUT students: 150,000
  • other students: 200,000
  • others: 250,000