Algorithms workshop

Mohsen Mohammadi
Mohsen Mohammadi
Silver medal in Student’s Olympiad in Computer. Technical staff, Quera. Writer in student’s ACM contests

Algorithms and problem solving

Held by: AmirKabir’s CEIT’s department’s Students’ Scientific Chapter

Contents and description of the course:

First we discuss some basics about algorithms including time complexity, data structures, and Containers.
Then we review algorithms related to graphs and it’s data structure. In later sessions we’ll solve some problems related to Dynamic Programming, Greedy, Divide and Conquer and Recursive algorithms.
At the end of this course we’ll provide common interview tips including object-oriented concepts and design patterns
Course syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to this Course

Section 2: introduction to algorithms

Section 3: complexity of algorithms

Section 4: sorts and their implementation

Section 5: recursive functions

Section 6: basic data‌ structures

Section 7: advanced data structures

Section 8: containers

Section 9: basic graph algorithms

Section 10: advanced graph algorithms

Section 11: greedy algorithms

Section 12: dynamic programming

Section 13: backtracking and applications

Section 14: object oriented programming

Section 15: design patterns


Saturdays from 15:00 to 18:00

Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00


CEIT department, Amirkabir University of Technology

Participate fee

  • Ceit students: 80,000
  • AUT students: 150,000
  • other students: 200,000
  • others: 250,000