Farrokh Karimi’s Talk on "Google’s Cloud-based Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) for Deep Learning"

Farrokh Karimi
Farrokh Karimi
Researcher at IPM, Brain Engineering Center Research Assistant at SUT M.Sc. in Digital Electronic Systems from AUT

Contents and description of the event:

Machine learning has produced business and research breakthroughs ranging from medical diagnoses to self-driving cars. Google built the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) in order to make it possible for anyone to achieve similar breakthroughs through its Colab cloud platform. Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) are Google’s custom-developed application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) used to accelerate machine learning workloads. In this talk, we will discuss how you can put the TPU and machine learning to work accelerating your projects’ success. This collaboration with Google and access to TensorFlow Research Cloud TPUs provides the ability to explore new techniques and experiments at an unprecedented scale

Google’s Cloud-based Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) for Deep Learning

Held by: AmirKabir’s CEIT’s department’s Students’ Scientific Chapter


May 25th, Saturday


CEIT department’s conference hall

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