The 19th International Student Programming Competition of Amir Kabir University will be held at Amir Kabir University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Engineering, on November 23.The School of Computer Engineering, in line with the goals of the main ICPC competitions and to select top university teams for regional competition, holds an official national competition annually for the designation of teams from the Amir Kabir University of Technology to the West Asian Championships annually. Recent teams have been welcomed by many teams from universities across the country. The quality of the programming contest at Amir Kabir University of Technology is such that many universities consider the results of the competition to select their top teams. More than 5 programmers from different universities of Iran participate in the Amir Kabir in-person competition annually.The credit of the annual Amir Kabir Competition is such that in addition to the Amir Kabir University of Technology teams, prominent Iranian universities such as Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Science and Technology and Shahid Beheshti also compete with several teams each year to compete with each other. Iran’s most accomplished programmers pay.
This year, the competition will be competing in person with four teams from across the country in the form of teams of 4 in person on the site of the Faculty of Computer Engineering.
The registration deadline will be November 5th.