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Students’ Scientific Chapter of CEIT Department of Amirkabir University of Technology

Students’ Scientific Chapter of AmirKabir’s CE department is one of the student organizations and it’s members are elected each year by the vote of the department’s students. SSC’s goal is to organize educational courses and workshops, scientific contests, conferences and talks; it also aims to pave the way for students to the industry. The said activities are done in space given to them by the department and the help of sponsors. This association was founded 14 years ago, and in the past years, it has successfully won “The Best Students’ Scientific Chapter of AmirKabir University of Technology” and “The Best Students’ Scientific Chapter of AmirKabir University Of Technology In Organizing Events” award.

We make extracurricular scientific activities(contests, talks, conferences, etc.) possible, control them, and help to develop them. We attract financial resources and sponsors to these events and use the potential of talented students to make links with people outside the university and help these students to use their talent at it’s best in order to have a more beneficial time as a university student.

We send our contests’ winners to the international competitions and help them to gain more success in those fields, too. We connect with high-schools to help their students know more about Computer Engineering and make a more informed choice before entering the university. We even motivate them to compete in our contests when possible.

We oversee the department’s undergrad research projects and support them scientifically and financially. In fact, we try to make an atmosphere where new and bold ideas could be put to use by supporting the people behind the ideas. If someone comes to us with a plan or an invention, we’ll introduce them to investors. If possible, we’ll provide our department’s journals with scientific material in order to provide a platform for someone who wants to share an article and also encourage other students to learn about variable topics in the field.

We try to encourage our students to know more about the industry’s atmosphere, help them to do the industry’s scientific projects and connect with the country’s important scientific centers, introduce the people who want to work in the companies who hire computer engineers and help students to find the best place to spend their internship at.


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