The ACM Student Programming Competition was established in 1977 by the prestigious ACM Association with the aim of enhancing the ability of group programming among students. This competition is held annually in different parts of the world and the winners of the regional competitions reach the final stage. In 2017, about 530 regional competitions were held worldwide, during which more than 49,000 students from 3,100 universities in 111 different countries competed in four months, and finally the top 140 teams entered the world competition.

The World Championships are known as the Programmers’ Olympics and have a special reputation in the scientific community.

Reza Ashtiani
Team leader of ACM / ICPC

To get acquainted with the competition and prepare for future competitions, just send a message to a member of the group and ask him to guide you.

We provide you with targeted questions and ask you to think about the questions and provide them with a solution. You will also be given the necessary training resources so that you can familiarize yourself with the topics.

You can get help from group members to fix problems and similar cases.

About how to select teams: We will have three selected matches and they will be selected twice the capacity of the team. From the week after the last match, the training sessions start and the final teams are selected according to their seriousness and efforts, regardless of the results of the matches. List of selected matches:

1. Two weeks before the main match

2. a week ago

3. Amirkabir main competition